Fill out the application form and send it to our electronic address at least 7 days before the event in your town.

Football 3-on-3

Children born in 2009 and 2010 (2nd in 3rd grade) take part, teams must be always mixed (at least one girl or one boy must play). Each team consists of two to three members, of which three play, while the other two are reserve players). Children are referees themselves; in case of any disagreement, the latter is solved by the leader of competition. There is no goalkeeper and using hands for defending goal is forbidden. In case of violation of this rule, a penalty kick is taken, from a goal to empty goal. Players’ substitutions are flying. Potentially excluded player can be immediately replaced by a reserve player. Each player must at least play in one part of the match. We play in a fair-play spirit.

Žogarija Ball Games and Tricks

This year we will provide additional animation – Žogarija ball tricks for a bit older participants of our events.

The competitors (each for himself/herself) will compete in skills of paying with a ball in the air – girls separately from the boys. The competition will take place on the pitch, where we will get the most successful girl and the most successful boy from each participating school. These will then compete against each other in the finals with eliminations – the winner is the one who will hold the ball in the air for a maximum period (bouncing with a leg, a shoulder, a head, etc.). Thus, we will obtain a winner of each Žogarija Ball Games and Tricks, who will compete against other winners at the finals.

We can’t wait to see how skilful you are!

Knowledge quiz

Children born in the years up to and including 2003 (up to 9th grade), the teams must be always mixed (at least one girl or at least one boy must take part). There are three competitors in the team. The knowledge quiz is made up of three questions and for each one, the competitors may choose between A, B and C answer. At the competition site, there are fields marked with A, B and C letters and represent equally addressed answers. After each question is read, competitors have 5 seconds to decide within the team for one of the three possible answers and one of the competitors in the team runs into a chosen field. The start and ending are announced with the referee’s whistle.

Skill games

Children born in 2007 and 2008 (4th and 5th grade), teams must be always mixed (at least one girl or one boy must play). At the start of competition, the referee demonstrates each game and explains the rules that must be taken in consideration. Each team has a side referee who counts the number of correct passages over obstacles, overcome in one minute, and monitors which team ends the game faster (depending on the game).

Also you, professor

One professor of each participating school competes. A school can be represented by a physical education teacher or a teacher of any other subject. At the start of the game, the referee demonstrates and explains the game rules.


Additional activities

Pri dodatnih aktivnostih včasih sodelujejo tudi zunanji izvajalci ali pa same šole ki imajo možnost enega nastopa

Fair-play protocol

Each event is started with the Fair play protocol – children accompanied with the Fair play anthem bring on the scene the Fair play flag.
On each event we also choose ˝the best fair-play school˝, which best considered the fair-play principles. In this decision, respecting the rules of fairness of all the school stakeholders (competitors, supporters and teachers) is taken in consideration.

Preparation of a healthy a meal or a meal from locally produced food

We will invite a local producer of organic food. On each event, at least one of the schools prepares a meal from the locally produced food.

ECO creative workshop

All the schools and preschools are invited to take part in a prize competition in the field of creation. On the event, at least one of the schools will make a ball with agreed design.

Singing and dance performances

Each school presents a singer, a dancer, music or dance group.