Current reports

Žogarija in Trbovlje – June 21.

On a hot 21st of June morning, our orange caravan moved to Trbovlje, where primary schools students from Trbovlje had fun with us, namely the Trbovlje primary school, the Ivan Cankar primary school, the Tončka Čeč primary school and the Alojz Hohkraut branch school. Mini Žogarija was attended by 4 groups of children from the Trbovlje kindergarten.

We started with the anthem of fair behavior on the artificial grass of the football field in the sports park, followed by group warm-up, 3on3 football matches, zorb ball skills games, special guests were young football players of the home club, FC Rudar Trbovlje, who showed real mastery in playing with the ball in the air. Many spectators and fans of their classmates tested their riding skills on the cycling range under the mentorship of a member of the Žogarija team throughout the event.

We were all able to put out the really high temperature with Sola juices and Zala water, everyone also got DON DON bread and delicious Poli hot dogs in it, and they took care of our health in the company of the general sponsor, HOFER, as their mascot Ferdo is diligent. shared apples.

Professors in the skill of slow cycling between obstacles received special encouragement and cheering.

This day, too, the weather served us with summer temperatures, so we watched the final matches in a really hot weather atmosphere, as the fans from the stands raised the temperature to boiling point. In the end, we got a new Slovenian finalist, the Tončka Čeč primary school, which will take part in the Žogarija finals in Vrhnika in September this year.

We will continue with ŽOGARIJA in September, until then a nice holiday and a carefree holiday for everyone.

Koper was on fire! – June 18.

On a warm Friday morning on June 18, the Žogarija team headed towards Primorska. This time we were guests in Koper, we can write, in unforgettable Koper!

We were accompanied by primary schools from Koper, namely the Koper primary school, the Dušan Bordon primary school, and the Šmarje pri Koper primary school, and seven of their classes that participated in the competition. We also had a huge amount of fans cheering, screaming, and energetically encouraging their teams, there were definitely over 350 of us together.
There was enough of everything, 3-on-3 football, skill games, safe cycling on the cycling polygon, dancing, and singing performed by young girls from the participating schools. They were excellent, they sang like nightingales and performed real dance masterpieces.
Our Vranček Franček and Ferdo were invited to Poli hot dogs in DON DON bread, Sola drinks and Zala refreshing water, which came just in such heat. Once again, Ferdo surprised us and presented us with delicious apples from HOFER.

Real models, but with excellent knowledge of ball control in the air, we were impressed by the young football players of the U10 team from FC Koper, and we think that there is no doubt that they will definitely be at the top of Slovenian football in the future! We also had young judges and sparkling commentators, RTV SLO and VAL 202, don’t be afraid, they are coming.

In the end, after tense fights, the students of the primary school Šmarje pri Kopru and their 4.B class collected the most points, congratulations!

Everything ends nicely once, we also left Koper with the desire and hope to return in 2022!

The celebration of students in Murska Sobota – June 15.

This year’s late spring pampers us with the sun, even with the heat, even in Murska Sobota on Tuesday, June 15, the warm morning sun awaited us, and at every step we were accompanied by hosts from the Municipality of Murska Sobota and the Institute of Sports from Murska Sobota.

It’s hard to describe all the youthful energy, the joy, the joy, it was downright extraordinary!
We must especially emphasize the honest behavior of everyone. This time Žogarija was especially marked by the attitude of the gypsies team with their attitude, fighting spirit, and ingenuity!

With us were children from primary school I Murska Sobota, primary school II Murska Sobota, primary school III Murska Sobota, Bakovci primary school, and gypsies communities, a total of seven classes competed, and it is worth mentioning many spectators, many seniors and this time we can write, that Žogarija in Murska Sobota showed a true intergenerational image.

We will not write the results and rankings, in Murska Sobota the winners were everyone, competitors, spectators, the municipality, the Sports Institute, HOFER, Perutnina Ptuj, DON DON, Sola and us too! Ranks and points are not important, the atmosphere needs to be experienced and carried with you!
Football 3on3, skill games, knowledge quiz, you also play a professor, who this time competed on wheels, all of this was scored, of course, and the highest number of points won was received by primary school III Murska Sobota and its 3.B class, who have thus qualified for the Slovenian final, which will take place in Vrhnika in September.

Elegant, trained, and technically well-versed, they introduced themselves to us in the game, Playing with a Ball in the Air, as well as members of the Mura football school.

We also did not forget the refreshing Sola, excellent Poli hot dogs, and DON DON bread, which were waiting in rows for the culinary and refreshing contribution of our sponsors and partners, general sponsor HOFER, the main sponsor of the Perutnina Ptuj region, sponsor Pivovarna Union and DON DON.
We would have made a big mistake if we did not mention our friends, Vranček Franček – the mascot of ŽOGARIJA and Ferdo – the mascot of the HOFER company, who entertained and made us all laugh immensely. Ferdo once again endowed us with excellent apples and provided us with plenty of health.



An explosion of joy and happiness in Kočevje! – June 14.

The warm morning sun awaited us in Kočevje on the 14th of  June with the helpful hosts with the director of the Public Institute for Sports, Mr. Janez Maršič at the helm.
A real explosion of children’s joy, laughter, and energy followed!

This time we had children from the Zbora odposlancev primary school, the Rinža primary school and the Stara cerkev primary school. A total of six classes competed, and among the spectators were also students from all participating schools. We organized a special Mulčki event for the children from the Kočevje kindergarten, they were very playful and almost nothing headstrong!

Football 3on3, skill games, knowledge quiz, all this was scored, a special discipline was the game, Playing with a ball in the air. The games were very tense and interesting, the atmosphere really can’t be described it was so good! The professors also took part – this year, compared to previous years, on a bicycle, in a slow ride on a bicycle. It sounds easy, but slow driving can sometimes be especially complicated.
We didn’t just play and compete, everyone present could quench their thirst with Sola, and they could satisfy their hunger with Poli hot dogs and DON DON bread. Friends Vranček Franček and Ferdo also took care of even more health, handing out healthy apples from the HOFER store to all the children.

In the end, someone is always luckier and this time the primary event Žogarija/ Slovenija qualified for the primary school ob Rinži, namely, it’s 3.A class. Congratulations to him and all the other participants.


We had a great time with you!

Beginning of Žogarija in Idrija – June 11.

After a year of forced pause, the Žogarija project finally started again! It was cheerful, temperamental, and playful, over 250 children cheered, played, educated, and also competed. An unforgettable experience, in beautiful and sunny weather, it was beautiful, very beautiful.
Five classes from the Idrija primary school, the Lower Idrija primary school, and the Črni vrh primary school took part in the competition. In addition, there were four classes from the primary school and four groups of children from kindergartens. The children had fun in skill games, in 3-on-3 football, a knowledge quiz, tested themselves on the cycling polygon and learned all the rules and the necessary cycling equipment, the professor competed in slow cycling.

Kindergarten children sang and danced, admired the ball, learned about the magic of movement, and cheered for older friends from elementary school.
Players from ND Idrija conjured up the art of ball control in the air, we also got the first winner of the prize game.

After tense and interesting fights, in the end, the students from the Idrija primary school collected the most points and thus qualified for the Slovenian final of Žogarija, which will take place in September in Vrhnika.