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In 2017, together with the City Municipality of Ljubljana, for the first time we presented a new, expanded project Žogarija-City Municipality of Ljubljana, in which we invited 51 Ljubljana primary schools to take part. The competitions took place in quarter communities, thus enabling participation of almost half of all the schools. We broadcasted live the events also via internet, in ‘Live stream’ transmissions, which you could watch during the event, while the video records are still available on You Tube channel (write ‘Žogarija live stream’ in a search engine).

Schools which were the most successful at the qualifying competitions qualified for the next part of the competition (Ljubljana finals), which took place on 23 March 2018 at Sostro Primary School. The winning school at Ljubljana finals qualified in Slovenian finals as every year, which will take place on 7 September 2018 at Bled.

This year, in addition to a competitive part, in cooperation with the City Municipality of Ljubljana Department for Sport as well as Spolint, Institute of Sport Development, we organized seminars and lectures for teachers and learners on the topic Fair play, promoted strongly by Žogarija. In the autumn, we are organizing collection of waste paper for all Ljubljana primary schools and preschools.



This year we are also cooperating with the Foundation Letter of Heart for youth scholarships, as well as with Dinos, a company for collection and disposal of waste. With this new cooperation, we are inviting the schools to bring one kilo of waste paper per participant to the event. This is just a symbolic ticket for the event. Since we support, promote and award collection of waste paper, we will include collection of paper in the content of Žogarija events and programmes. On each event, we will provide removal of collected paper. A school, which takes part in the action, can suggest a candidate to receive a scholarship for the next school year.
You can read more about the action on www.pismosrca.si.
In the forthcoming season, we are also planning the same and we really hope to see each other on the events, which will be organized in 2018.

Should you have any additional questions, please, write us at info@zogarija.si.
We look forward to cooperating with your pupils and participants!

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